Soul mate workout plan

If you are one of the many people in the world who just can’t seem to lose weight, you are not alone. Trust me; you’re not. In fact, only one in five people can lose weight and keep it off. That means that four out of five people struggle to lose weight and then keep it off. This can be because of a combination of things: lack of exercise, poor diet, a struggle with consistency, and much more. Everyone is beautiful, don’t get me wrong! However, extra weight can cause many health problems. Even increasing your exercise can lead to a healthier body. Regular physical activity can actually lower your risk of many cardiovascular illnesses. If you can’t seem to lose weight, try some of the below tips to see if you can shed those pounds and increase that health!

When in doubt: walk

If you’re like me, running is not your thing, and you usually end up looking like a ripe tomato after a short 15 minutes. Your best bet is to try a moderate-intensity activity like walking instead. Walking on a level surface at a brisk pace of about three to four miles per hour can help you to lose weight and get healthier.

Try shorter activities
Finding time throughout the day to exercise can be difficult, especially when there’s Netflix out there. If you find that you’re too busy, or too into House of Cards to set aside a chunk of time, try shorter activities instead. Three short walks can be just as good as one long walk for your fitness goals as well as your health.

Eating healthier

You know the saying: You are what you eat. Unfortunately this saying is somewhat true, and at one point in my life I was 90% pizza. Eating healthy is a large part of your fitness journey and can really help you to lose weight more than exercise alone. So avoid the take out Chinese and try sushi instead!

Avoid unhealthy habits

Eating healthy and exercise is not the only important part of your journey towards a healthier body. Most people have unhealthy habits that can lead to health issues down the road. If you are a smoker and are trying to get healthier, it might be time to quit. You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll be willing to exercise!

Look into top fitness programs

If you find yourself struggling to decide what to eat, how to work out, or when to pause Netflix, it might be time to look into some top fitness programs. Many of the top fitness programs will work with you to develop a fitness plan, a healthy eating plan, and some even offer motivational support groups. For example, when you join one of the Beach Body programs, you become part of a support group with people who are on their fitness journey as well. The purpose of these groups are to hold each other accountable and to provide motivation to get even healthier.

What is your favorite way to get healthy? How about your favorite healthy food? Let me know in the comments!