E cig liquid

You try to explain it to people who don’t vape, but they just don’t understand. The best E cigarette isn’t about the nicotine — sometimes you buy E cig liquid without any nicotine at all. Vaping for you is all about the ritual, the hand to mouth, the break in the middle of the day. And when you’re searching for E cigarette fluid, you know the best E cig liquid will offer tons of flavors.
You’re not alone. Three quarters of people who vape say that half the fun is the variety of flavors offered by the best E cig liquid companies. Currently there are over 7,000 flavors available with new ones being invented all the time. Below are a few of the most popular flavors recently introduced by the best E cig liquid people. If you haven’t tried these, get on it. And if you’re a curious beginner, it’s best to start with the best:
1. Strawberry custard
Smooth, rich, tastes like Nesquick.
2. Berry-menthol blends
If you’re dubious about menthol, the tartness of the berry acts as a great juxtaposition and tones it down considerably while keeping the overall flavor refreshing.
3. Fruit punch
Fruit punch blends come with all kinds of crazy brand names and are generally pink. You’ll recognize it for the strong cherry and strawberry aftertaste.
4. Apple pie a-la-mode
Nothing else much to say. Who doesn’t love apple pie? A good version of this flavor will balance the fruit and vanilla notes impeccably and leave you wanting more.
5. Pear and coconut blends
The starchy, creamy fruit flavors of pear and coconut lend themselves beautifully to vaporization.
6. Cereal flavor mimics
You might have to search to find one you deem authentic, but a lot of E cig companies offer flavors that are reminiscent of things like Fruit Loops or Cheerios.
7. Butterscotch and brown sugar blends
A few tries of this and you’ll understand what your grandpa was all about with his weird butter rum candies all those years.
Those are just a few of our favorites. Please if you feel we’ve neglected to mention a true winner, comment with it below! Bring others into your flavor camp!