Many women considering careers in the healthcare industry are interested in midwifery. If you love babies, mothers, and the idea of helping bring new life into the world, then becoming a midwife might be the right career path for you. But if you are unsure if this is right for you, this video can help you determine what to expect from the profession.

Midwifery is not an easy career option.

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Pregnant women need a lot of support and care, and midwives need to have great boundaries in order to succeed and protect their non-professional relationships from the strain of the work. Most midwives are on call frequently and have to help their laboring clients on short notice. In exchange, the work is exceptionally fulfilling.

Midwives are exceptionally educated on safe birthing, but that doesn’t mean their clients are always ready and willing to learn. This career takes patience as you work to educate others and keep them safe and healthy.

Midwives have jobs that never get monotonous. The work is exciting, essential, and fulfilling. If you are interested in becoming a midwife, you can find programs in your area to prepare you for the profession.