When it comes to cryosurgical products, the place that you’re most likely to see them is your dermatologist’s office. These tools are used pretty frequently by dermatologists to help their patients with all sorts of skin issues. How? Let’s take a closer look at cryosurgery procedures.

Contrary to what the name of the procedure suggests, cryosurgery is actually a non-invasive process performed in a dermatologist’s office. Dermatologists will refer to this procedure as liquid nitrogen treatment or freezing for that very reason.

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The term “surgery” isn’t exactly one that patients want to hear if they’re going in to receive treatment for a wart or a skin tag, after all.

The process is actually quite simple and quite efficient. During a cryosurgery session, your dermatologist will use a tool that’s attached to a canister or small tank of liquid nitrogen. They will then apply the liquid nitrogen to the affected area of your skin. Whether you’re receiving treatment for a wart or another unwanted skin growth, the whole process only takes a few seconds.