Road bike seats comfortable

The bicycle continues to be used by a large number of people, especially for transportation purposes. In fact, statistics show that the United States has seen nearly a 46% increase in the number of individuals commuting by bicycle. There are nearly 1 billion bicycles being used throughout the world, doubling the number of cars used for transportation purposes. Considering that, it makes sense to choose a bicycle as a safe and low cost transportation method. However, riding a bike incorrectly may lead you to experience lower back pain that could have otherwise been avoided. Considering that, here are three simple ways to fix lower back pain before getting on a bicycle.

  1. Making Sure Your Bike Fits Correctly

    It’s imperative to choose a bicycle setup that fits you properly. Considering that, a bike that is set up too high can cause you to arch your back in an awkward position. You’ll find that it is wise to adjust the seat and handlebars to create a better overall fit. It’s certainly worth it to spend a few minutes adjusting your bicycle set up to fit properly, especially when considering the health benefits of riding a bike. In fact, statistics gathered from a study conducted by the British Medical Association reported that cycling 20 miles a week can reduce heart disease by 50%.
  2. Choosing the Right Kind of Bike Seat

    One important factor for avoiding lower back pain is finding the most comfortable bike seats available. There are many types of seating devices for bicyclists including carbon fiber and leather bike seats. You’ll find it wise to adjust the angle of your bicycle seat in order to find the most comfortable position. One study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine 70% of bicyclists experiencing lower back pain found relief by adjusting their seats to more upward angle. In addition, leather bike seats are often utilized for their comfort during, especially long bicycle journeys.
  3. Stand More Throughout the Day

    Not all tips for riding in comfort involve making adjustments to your bicycle. Many people experience lower back pain from sitting for the vast majority of their day. In turn, this lower back pain that is already taking place becomes amplified while sitting on a bicycle. If you want to reduce lower back pain caused by sitting, it’s wise to stand at frequent intervals throughout the day. Many offices implement desks that allow employees to stand while they work. If you have no variable desk available in your office, consider taking 20 minutes per day to complete a walk.

To summarize, there are several ways to avoid lower back pain while riding a bicycle. It’s important to ensure that your bicycle aligns properly with your body. Riding on a bicycle without making the necessary adjustments could keep the back in an awkward position while you ride. It’s wise to ensure that you’ve chosen a bicycle seat that is comfortable and is adjusted to the proper height. Many riders prefer the comfort that comes with sitting on leather bike seats. One great tip for avoiding lower back pain is to stand more throughout the day. Standing and walking helps to safely stretch your back, reducing pain in this area while riding a bicycle.