Burnout symptoms

Many people feel that they have a stressful job from time to time. Considering that, stress in the workplace is something that is commonplace. However, chronic bouts of stress can lead to someone feeling less than satisfied with their respective jobs. Continually feeling stress or unsatisfied with your job could lead to feeling completed burned out. With that in mind, here are four major signs of job burnout.

  1. Constantly Feeling Exhausted

    In certain situations, being burned out by can make you exhibit signs of physical exhaustion. Signs of physical exhaustion include having a lack of energy and constantly feeling tired. Physicians often exhibit these feelings with statistics showing there is a current burnout rate of 35.2% among these professionals in the United States.
  2. An Increase in Negative Thoughts

    Sometimes, feeling burned out with your job can lead to life burnout. Negative thoughts and emotions that stem from your job can start to take place in other aspects of your life. If you’ve noticed normal relationships are changing, it’s likely you’re experiencing life burnout. This type of burnout can greatly affect important relationships including marriages. In fact, statistics show that physicians are 10-20% more likely to go through a divorce when compared to the rest of the general population.
  3. Not Being Able to Focus on the Job

    Feelings of stress can often cause you to not focus on normal tasks performed throughout the workday. It’s imperative to note when these feelings are taking place in order to find ways to correct them. As stress continues to wreak havoc on your thoughts, it can cause to perform poorly at work. With that in mind, continuing to suffer from poor work performance can lead to you experiencing life burnout.
  4. Neglecting to Care for Yourself

    An important part of any job is having some form of a work life balance. Many physicians work long hours and find themselves in stressful situations. In fact, numerous studies find that physicians are two times as likely than the rest of the United States population to feel unhappy with their overall work life balance. A major sign that you’re experiencing life burnout is that you’re failing to take proper care of yourself. Certain signs of life burnout include engaging in potentially destructive behaviors including drinking, smoking, and making negative changes to your diet.

To summarize, there are several signs of job burnout. Constantly feeling tired, especially while on the job, is a major sign that you are feeling burned out. A major aspect of job burnout comes from constantly feeling stressed while working. In certain situations, being under large amounts of stress can lead to thinking negatively at all times. If you let stress continue to be a huge part of your life, it can impair your ability to focus on the job. In many situations, feeling burned out while at work can lead to life burnout which causes someone to exhibit potentially destructive behaviors. It’s imperative to monitor and work to correct what is causing you to feel burned out while at work.