Ivf in michigan

Are you a couple planning to have a baby? If you’re between the ages of 20-to-24, were you aware that this is the time when women are considered to be the most fertile? When a couple is between the ages of 29-to-33, and they both have normal-functioning reproduction systems, there is a 20%-to-25% chance to conceive each month.

After 30, a woman’s fertility begins to decline, and by the age of 35, it decreases further. By 40, only two-in-five women are usually able to conceive a baby.

If you have been unable to become pregnant or sustain a pregnancy, either you, your partner, or both of you may have one or more fertility issues. While one-third of fertility issues arise in women, another third arise in men. The remaining third may be the result of a variety of issues with both partners. In some cases, these issues may be difficult to determine and may remain unexplained.

Studies show that there are 6.7 million women between the ages of 15-to-44 that experience issues with becoming pregnant or being able to carry and deliver a baby at term. Up to 12% of married women, or one-in-eight couples, have issues with either becoming pregnant or remaining pregnant.

When this is the case, a fertility expert may be able to assist you and your partner with having a baby. There are a variety of procedures you may want to consider. Almost all infertility cases, approximately 85%-to-90%, are approached with either drug therapy or surgical procedures. Artificial insemination and IVF treatments are two of these options.

You may have heard about the success rate of IVF procedures for having a baby. If you’re unfamiliar with the procedure and what is entailed, a fertility specialist can explain this to you in detail. Basically, your IVF cycle would be monitored, and once your eggs have matured, they would be extracted and then fertilized.

To clarify, your IVF cycle is different than your menstrual cycle. During a regular menstrual cycle, your eggs are released during the ovulation process. With a closely-monitored IVF cycle, however, the eggs are extracted prior to this occurring.

If you’re concerned about the cost of fertility treatments, such as IVF, it’s important to note that the following states require insurance companies to offer some level of treatment within their policies:


        New Jersey
        New York
        Rhode Island
        West Virginia

      If you are one of the 44% of women diagnosed with infertility issues, you may be relieved to know that 65% of the women that have sought infertility treatments have been able to have a baby. In order to obtain more information on fertility treatments, such as IVF, making an appointment at a fertility clinic is the first step to take. When you meet with a fertility specialist, they will be able to discuss your options.