Rebuildable vape tank

As liquid vaporizers, or electronic cigarettes, have become popular in recent years, they have also generated a significant amount of controversy and speculation. While most information shows that vaporizers are a healthier way to fulfill a nicotine craving than traditional cigarettes, this hasn’t stopped many media outlets from broadcasting the potential dangers of the device. Because of this, it is important that everyone who loves those tasty vapors uses their e-cigarette correctly and safely to reduce incidents.

Take a recent incident at Sparks High School in Nevada, for example: in February 2015, an employee brought his vaporizer into the building and left it on his desk. A few hours into his shift, the device reportedly exploded, causing the school to evacuate around 250 people. Immediately, local news outlets began discussing a 2014 study from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which stated that the shape and construction of e-cigarettes can cause them to behave like “flaming rockets”.

However, the FEMA report indicates that this problem is rare and can be prevented: vaporizers, like all battery-powered devices, can short-circuit, causing the fires. This simple problem, unfortunately, has been compounded by the high number of vaporizers that originate in China and other markets, where regulations are less strict. The New York Times has reported that heavy metals in the nicotine vaporizer liquid combined with a greater likelihood of short circuiting is responsible for most fires in Chinese-made electronic cigarettes.

Furthermore, vaping culture places a high emphasis on creating the biggest cloud possible, which can cause the device’s batteries to malfunction. Because of this, educating vapers is one of the best safety precautions the community can take: whether it comes to choosing an e-cigarette or vape juice, users should make sure they are purchasing quality products that work well together. The possibility of short circuiting can also be reduced by using the correct vaporizer charger for a specific device. By following these easy steps and informing other users when necessary, vapers can continue to enjoy the taste of their nicotine vaporizer liquid without the risk of fire or explosions.