Diseases of eye

Diseases of eyes and eye sickness can include common eye disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, and other sight threatening diseases. Eye doctors recommend that people with diabetes, who have a higher chance of getting these diseases, have an eye examination yearly. When the cornea loses its clarity due to a build up of cloudy material it is called corneal dystrophy. It is important to have your eyes checked for any of these diseases and more. Eyesight is not something to take lightly and at the onset of any symptoms you should find an optometrist to avoid any long term diseases of eyes.

For those who have disorders of the eye and have to wear glasses or contacts there is an option to fix your vision called LASIK, which is a laser surgery and rids the person of the need for glasses or contacts. Each year, over 700 thousand LASIK eye procedures are performed to rid people of diseases of eyes. After the surgery, the patient has to wear protective eye wear for a couple of days but most people can return to work the very next day.

Diseases of eyes can be a serious and life altering problem. One in every 12 males is color blind which is one of the diseases of eyes which does not usually affect people too much. People ages 20 to 40 should have an eye exam every 5 years at the least and people ages 40 to 64 should have an eye exam every 2 years. Research more here.