Does laser hair removal work

When you are looking for a cosmetic treatment for your face, the first thing you probably consider is Botox treatments, as Botox is one of the most commonly sought-after wrinkle treatments.

But what about your body? Wrinkles don’t only appear on your face as you age — your body also starts to sag as your skin loses its elasticity.

Botox is not approved for use in stopping wrinkles on any other part of the body. In this case, you can always opt to treat your body by thermage, ultrashape body contouring, or fraxel.

Here’s what you can expect from each of these treatments.

  • Thermage. When you go in for a thermage laser treatment, don’t be surprised if you hear the word “radiofrequency.” A device that uses these energy waves will be used on target areas, and will heat up the deeper layers of your skin that contain collagen. Collagen is a protein in the body that provides muscles tissue, and its production slows over time. As a result, the thickness of your skin decreases, causing limper skin. A thermage treatment aims at using radiofrequency waves and heat to stimulate collagen production, and also remodel the existing collagen.
  • Ultrashape Body Contouring. This is also a treatment that utilizes energy to help reshape the body, but uses ultrasonic acoustic energy waves to do the job. These waves are designed to heat the site up, leading to the destruction of fat cells. This procedure is supposed to permanently remove the excess fat cells from your body, and restore younger looking skin.
  • Fraxel. Fraxel is a laser skin treatment that creates columns underneath the skin during treatment with the laser. These columns penetrate deep into the skin, and eliminate any dead skin on the way, making room for new collagen production. As the body heals from the treatment, the new collagen fills in the space and plumps up the skin.

So whether you treat your body by thermage, body contouring, or fraxel, you will likely be happy with the results. For more information, read this website.