Proton therapy for brain cancer greenville sc

Although you were perfectly clear about the details, your father has been calling every single day to ask one of several questions. What time are we leaving? What day are we leaving? Do I need to bring any nice, dress clothes?
This will be the second time you are taking your dad down to visit your daughter for her college Homecoming. As his oldest granddaughter, your dad has loved the chance to visit her at school. This second trip, however, is a little more meaningful after your father finished proton therapy for prostate cancer.
You were scared to death when your dad called and said he was going to listen to have to consider treatment options for prostate cancer. The fact of the matter is the conversation about treating prostate cancer was one of the most difficult conversations that you and your father have ever had. For this reason, your whole body smiles every time your dad calls about the trip. Even if he is asking the same question again and again, you are thankful that after he finished the directions for treating prostate cancer he is cancer free and able to go on this trip.
Advanced Cancer Treatment Options Can Help Many Patients Find the Healing They Want
Whether you are going to an appointment about brain cancer treatments or you are looking for radiation treatment for cancer of another kind, finding the right doctor can help you find the best options. Consider these facts and figures about some of the latest cancer treatment options:

  • when compared to x-rays, proton therapy decreases the radiation dose to gastrointestinal structures by at least 59%.
  • Although the actual time spent delivering the protons to the tumor is generally only about a minute or two, a proton treatment session generally takes 15 to 45 minutes.
  • More than 30 particle therapy centers were under construction worldwide by the beginning of 2015. These 30 centers included a total of about 80 treatment rooms.
  • Studies have found that prostate cancer patients treated using the proton therapy method have a significantly reduced risk of impotence because of this method’s targeted approach. In fact, 94% of men report that they remain sexually active after treatment.
  • Options for treating prostate cancer now include a number of treatments that are often fairly effective.

If you are making plans for a trip after you have received a good prognosis following a recent set of cancer treatments, you understand the importance of getting the best treatment options from the best doctors available.
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