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A surprisingly large number of people live with chronic pain as part of their daily lives, because conventional medicine doesn’t really have any cures. Surgery has chancy outcomes and pain relief medication can be both addictive and ineffective after a while. More and more health care practitioners are turning to massage as a way of promoting healthier joints and muscles, which has a direct impact on chronic pain reduction as well. Therapeutic massage also helps to reduce stress and promotes mental and emotional health.

Chronic pain affects the quality of life
Chronic pain affects millions of people, forcing them to limit their physical activity. Back, neck and joint pain are the most common types of chronic pain, and more than half of people suffering from these felt that they had no control over the pain. Pain relief medication is ineffective after a while, and long term use carries the risk of addiction. Surgery is expensive and doesn’t always work.
More than half or 59% of chronic pain sufferers said that it affects their overall enjoyment of life. Over three out of four or 77% said that it leaves them feeling depressed. It can force them to miss work, leading to loss of productivity and earnings.

Stress reduction through massage
As well as chronic pain, continual stress is another feature of our lives, and it takes a physical toll. As many as 40% of workers in the U.S. find their jobs very stressful, according to the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health, NIOSH.
Continuous stress has both psychological and physiological consequences. It can affect concentration, produce physical pains and aches and also serious conditions like heart disease. Also like chronic pain, stress can be reduced through massage therapy. By helping muscles to relax and easing pressure points, massage produces physical relaxation, which has a direct connection to mental and emotional well being.

Theraputic massage for chronic pain relief
Most people who have a massage do so for medical or health reasons. It is used by massage therapists with a high degree of success for pain management, sore muscles, stiffness in the joints, spasms, injury rehabilitation, or overall wellness. As many as 91% of people who receive massages find it to be highly effective in reducing pain.
As many as 39.1 million adult Americans, or 18%, had at least one massage in the one year period from July 2014 to July 2015. Massage therapy is becoming an important part of medical treatment and recovery, and the number of people who discuss it with their health care providers or physicians is increasing each year.
Physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists recommend massage for patients who have discussed it with them.

The best massage provides pain relief and contributes to overall wellness. For those recovering from accidents or injuries, it offers a chance to recover their health and full range of movement.