Hearing aids harrisonburg va

Are you experiencing hearing issues? Is your current provider addressing these issues to your satisfaction, or are you looking for a new hearing consultant?

Many people in the United States experience some issues with their hearing. There are approximately 37.5 million people 18 and older that would benefit from seeing a hearing consultant. In some cases, these issues may be easily resolved with custom hearing protection, while in others, hearing equipment might be needed.

If you have been experiencing difficulty with your hearing, or have noticed your hearing has become worse, have you considered the benefits of having a hearing aid? Even though some adults may be aware of the benefits of wearing a hearing aid, they choose not to use them. This is the case for adults between the ages of 20-to-69. Just one-in-three individuals aged 70 and older have used them, even though a hearing aid may improve their quality of life.

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) has estimated there are 26 million people in the United States with high-frequency hearing loss. Individuals between 20-to-69, according to the NIDCD, has sustained this hearing loss due to being exposed to work or leisure-related noise.

In order to avoid hearing loss due to spending time in loud environments on a regular basis, hearing protection is recommended. When people already have some hearing loss, obtaining custom hearing protection is even more important to avoid further damaging their hearing.

Tinnitus is another prevalent hearing issue. In the United States, it is experienced by approximately 25 million people. While tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, may only occur for five minutes over the course of a year for these individuals, it can occur with greater frequency.

Depending on the issue, hearing consultants may recommend several options, including assistive listening devices. With severe hearing loss, cochlear implants may be the best option. There have been over 58,000 of these devices implanted in adults as of December 2012. On a worldwide basis, 324,200 people have received cochlear implants.

Rather than postpone making an appointment with a hearing specialist to have a tinnitus or other type of hearing test, why not do so now? Consider the importance of hearing to your quality of life.