DOT Physicals and Other Tests Needed to Ensure that Driving Professionals Remain Healthy

The importance of a DOT physical is greatest for CDL drivers and many of those who spend a great amount of their time in the driver’s seat of any vehicle. Especially with the long-term potential for chronic lower back pain and other health issues that can come from this workplace, it is helpful to make sure that these drivers are still in good physical condition at all times.

Locations for DOT Physicals

So many different locations are available for DOT physicals in the event that you need one for work, including local pharmacies, urgent care clinics, and many more. Many different types of tests are included with the ability to check on the health of DOT professionals, including DOT drug and alcohol testing among others. Luckily, with many after hours clinics and other locations available to offer these tests, there is no reason to rely only on your primary care physician when you may need to get the DOT physical in a hurry.

Some Benefits Regarding Clinic Care

At times you may need immediate care for an injury or illness, and it is helpful to have treatment right away. For this reason, the urgent care clinic can be much more helpful than a long wait that comes up at the ER. Given the fact that about 60% of all American baby boomers face chronic conditions, these health issues are likely not considered life-threatening upon entering the emergency room. So, urgent care clinics would tend to be a better choice. Urgent care clinics provide access to expert doctors who are able to help maintain your existing condition 24 hours a day. This way, no one has that risk, and all patients have access to proper care at every moment of the day. If a health issue is determined to be life-threatening and in need of hospitalization, the walk in clinic staff is able to help send patients there right away.

Visit a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist for Pain

With millions of Americans suffering from chronic pain, providing a continual need for chiropractors who are able to help solve the back pain disorders and other issues that are part of this. Some of these chronic issues may also be treated by physical therapists, with many helpful options of care. Various treatments are drug-free healing options. Other treatments or care options provided by spinal disorder experts and therapists are similar to private practice sessions. Many different spinal disorder treatments help with the roughly 70% of Americans that face lower back pain on a daily basis.

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