Kids get sick. As any parent knows, it’s simply one of the facts of life. After all, children are just building up their immune systems for the very first time. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an otherwise perfectly healthy child to get as many as eight colds over the course of just one single year. At the very least, they are likely to get at least six. The number might be even higher if they attend school or some of other type of daycare program.

Same day pediatric services can be hugely important for children of all ages – and perhaps more so for the parents who are prone to fear and anxiety about the health of their children. Same day pediatric services are likely to become particularly necessary during the winter months, when the rate of diagnosed colds alone triples. The flu is also a very real threat, and this is not something that can be underestimated.

After all, the flu can prove to be far more dangerous than many people actually realize. Vaccines for children are available, but many parents don’t realize that a child getting their flu vaccine for the very first time is likely to need to get the vaccine in two doses, spaced a month or so apart. Therefore, getting your child vaccinated as soon as the flu vaccine for the current year comes out is hugely important indeed, as the flu vaccine must be present in one’s system for at least a week before becoming fully effective.

Fortunately, many pediatric clinics that provide same day pediatric services will also be able to administer the flu shot to children of all ages. And while the flu shot is certainly not 100% effective for any given year, getting it is certainly better than NOT getting it, as any pediatrician providing same day pediatric services will tell you. Even if your child still does end up contracting the flu after receiving the flu vaccine, they are far less likely to suffer from some of the serious complications like pneumonia and even sepsis that can arise otherwise.

With the spread of urgent care clinics all throughout the country, getting same day pediatric services has become truly easier than ever before. Urgent care clinics can also provide care ranging from flu vaccinations for adults to even injury care such as that of fracture care. If your child is sick or injured and your typical pediatrician’s office is closed, taking them to an urgent care center for same day pediatric services proves to be a hugely viable alternative to the emergency room. After all, the typical emergency room is quite costly, even just for a visit for a relatively minor medical concern. The wait times are also often incredibly long, something that will be particularly clear for those who have young children, children who are probably quite a bit less than patient.

However, you will still want your child to have an established relationship with a pediatric practice and likely one pediatric doctor in particular. This is due to the fact that children need a high number of wellness checks over the course of their childhood, seen a number of times in the first year of life alone. In just that first year of life, your child will need to be seen at the age of two weeks, then at the age of two months, four months, half a year, nine months, and finally for their yearly well baby visit. Even after this point, the number of wellness checks taking place throughout the year is still higher than for healthy adults, as your child will need to be seen at least every six months until they are about three. After this point they are typically able to be seen only a yearly basis. This is not only essential to chart their overall growth, but to ensure that they are getting their vaccines on the CDC recommended schedule. These vaccinations help to keep your children safe and healthy all throughout their lives.

From well checks to same day pediatric services, there are many ways that you can look out for the care and keeping of your child.