Refraction eye exam

Have you been to your local optometrists or ophthalmologists recently? If not, you may be overdue for an eye exam. Eye exams are necessary for a variety of reasons: they help track your changing eye glasses or contact lens prescriptions and ensure that you don’t have any diseases or other eye conditions. The Center for Disease Control estimates that there are 3.4 million Americans over age 40 with complete blindness or visual impairment, so the aim of your eye doctor is to keep your vision healthy.

However, some people have concerns over what their eye doctors can do for them. If you have questions about the services you eye care professional can provide, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

“How can I find someone to be my eye doctor?”
The best way to find an eye doctor is to search online reviews or gather recommendations from people you know. There are eye doctors in both private practices and for major chains.

It’s also necessary to know the differences between the types of eye doctors. Optometrists and ophthalmologists can both perform eye exams and prescribe glasses. Ophthalmologists are able to treat illnesses and perform eye surgery, too.

“What services can my eye doctor provide?”
Most people go to the eye doctor for routine exams. If you have a specific condition that requires treatment, your eye doctor can diagnose and treat some or all conditions, depending on the type of eye doctor you see. You can also receive a prescription and fitting for eye glasses or contact lenses, and many practices let you choose from several frames and lenses to purchase right there.

“How often should I see my eye doctor?”
In general, you should visit the eye doctor at least once per year. For those who have other types of conditions or diseases of the eye, you may be required to visit more frequently.

Over 75% of the American public wears some form of correct lenses, and 64% of total Americans wear glasses on a regular basis. Whether or not you fall into this segment of the population, it’s important to pay attention to the health of your eyes. Many people, including diabetics or those diagnosed with glaucoma, are at serious risk for vision loss, so it’s essential to keep your eyes healthy.

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