Treatment for rsd pain

Chronic pain can be one of the worst things things to have to live with. It can greatly affect your quality of life, and prevent you from doing certain things like work, spend time with family, run errands, even do things around the house. One disorder that causes chronic pain is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. RDS is a disorder that causes chronic pain associated with swelling, weakness, muscle atrophy, sensitivity to light touch, and more. If you suffer with RSD and have not found a treatment for RSD pain, you may want to consider hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy.

It sounds like something from the future. You climb into a soft or hard shell chamber where the pressure is kept at a level that is higher than typical atmospheric pressure, and your pain is relieved. Though it sounds like some thing from a Star Trek episode, or something that only odd celebrities like Michael Jackson use, they are actually a really useful and legitimate tool for RSD treatment.

If you haven’t found RSD treatments that work for you yet, you should consider hyberbaric chamber therapy. It is a medical therapy, not just some strange homeopathic method that people do in their basements. Rather than pumping yourself full of pain medication, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy delivers oxygen rich air for you to breathe, which in comparison to narcotic drugs is a very natural therapy. Rather than living with chronic pain or putting yourself at risk for a medication dependence, you should consider other alternatives. Refernce materials.