Low t treatment tampa

Many people struggle with chemical and hormonal imbalances in their body. When consulted for this problem, some doctors will suggest hormone replacement therapy or some type of hormone treatment which can be done at a hormone treatment center.

Many times specialists at a hormone treatment center will treat their patients with a natural type of hormone therapy which involves using bio-identical hormones to treat these imbalances. After menopause estrogens begin to decline, and a hormone treatment works to relieve certain symptoms that may occur; for instance, hot flashes, loss of focus, weight gain, and depression. Without the benefits of hormone therapy at a hormone treatment center, it is true that most of these symptoms will, in fact, disappear after several months to several years; however, with hormone replacement treatment the symptoms will dissipate much sooner.

Men whose testosterone levels have declined at a certain age are also candidates to discuss low testosterone treatment options with their doctors. Statistics show that nearly half of men over 45, or, specifically, four out of ten, suffer with low testosterone levels. Every man’s testosterone level is different; however, these levels decrease after the age of 30 by 1% each year.

Men and women who have discussed their symptoms with their doctors and have determined that hormone replacement therapy is right for them will begin by working out an individualized hormone replacement plan. In the case of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, the hormones are typically delivered into the body in the form of what are called compounded hormone pellets. They are inserted into the body through a very small incision. Labs are taken at around five weeks after the first insertion, and, presuming all is as it should be according to the individual plan, pellet insertions will continue every three to six months. The pellets are the size of a grain of rice and are inserted under the skin, where they remain and dissolve over the next three to six months.

Most patients who have undergone hormone replacement therapy have been very happy with what they refer to as the life changing results. Some have remarked that the moisture they lost in their hair and skin as a result of declining hormones has returned after the start of their therapy. Women have seen the end of their hot flashes and anxiety. Many say that they are able to sleep better than ever since beginning their hormone replacement therapy, and symptoms of osteoporosis were greatly improved.

Hormone therapy can also be used in the treatment of certain cancers. Hormones can actually boost the growth of some types of cancers, for instance, breast cancer and prostate cancer; however, they can also slow or even stop the growth of other cancer cells. So, in some cases of cancer, hormones will actually be added to the body in order to rid the body of the culprit cells. In other cases, the hormones will have to be removed from the body so that the cancer cells are not encouraged to grow.