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The gift of parenthood is one that cannot be described by anyone, but simply must be experienced. Sadly, there are many out there who are unable to have children for a variety of reasons. Those affected by infertility often react to it in different ways, although a variety of assisted reproductive technology options are available from In Vitro fertilization to a tubal ovum transfer to aid in pregnancy for those who once had limited options.

Eventually, all women will reach the point in their lives when their bodies cease to produce the necessary equipment for giving birth. Women typically reach menopause by age 51, although some are in their 30s and others are in their 60s before they reach menopause. Once a woman has gone a whole year without a period, she is then classified as being in menopause. Menopause comes early for some women, a report found that those who struggle with life-long depression or financial hardship are more likely to enter into menopause early according to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Several menopause solutions like bioidentical hormone therapy or In Vitro exist, although know that there are several potential complications for those looking to give birth at an older age.

Other Reasons for Infertility
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly 11% of couples experience some form of secondary infertility, which is when they have a child but are unable to conceive again for after one year. Generally speaking, women under 35 ought to try to conceive for a year before seeking out medical consultation by a professional. Doctors have recently found that smoking as few as 5 cigarettes per day can result in lower fertility rates for both men and women alike. No matter the cause, there are options available to treat infertility such as traditional medicine, surgery, intra–uterine insemination, or a tubal ovum transfer. If all else fails, surrogate mothers and adoption are both viable options to help all those willing to become parents.