Private label skin care

You’ve probably spent more than you’re willing to admit on high end private label cosmetics and the so called best anti aging products, but do you know what’s really in them? Slathering your body with chemicals is not the way to healthy, long lasting skin. Instead, try natural skin products. Your body may go through a time of adjustment, but wait it out – – the results are definitely worth it.

Why Does Our Skin Age?

As much as we don’t want to have to accept it, our bodies will be covered in wrinkles. Each year, our skin’s elasticity decreases almost an entire percentage! Of course, the wonders of modern technology greatly contribute to that as pollution in the air, whether it’s from factories or vehicles, increase the pigmentation in our skin and deepen our wrinkles. Adding silicates (which many natural skin products don’t have) to the skin doesn’t help, either. Silicates don’t allow it to breathe naturally, creating stress on our bodies. Don’t forget our incredibly important sun. The dangerous UV rays can damage your skin if you’re not properly protected. Even on a cloudy day you need sunscreen.

What About Acne?

The vast majority of people get some form of acne at one point in their lives. It’s actually the most common skin disorder in the United States! While acne is more prevalent in teenagers, many adults actually suffer from acne. Even the acne scars left from teenage years can become a huge problem. Although it’s incredibly tempting when you have acne on your face, don’t scrub! It will remove the protective oils that hydrate your skin. Instead, use a soft exfoliator to gently remove dirt.

How Do I Get Quality Natural Skin Products?

The green market is saturated in phony products. Labels claiming organic and all natural often deceive us into spending our hard earned money on chemically produced products. The best way to get legitimate organic skin care products is from your doctor. He or she will be able to direct you to their most trusted brands to help with your specific request.

Going natural and organic should apply to more than just your skin care routine. Replacing harmful chemical cleaners with homemade cleaners using ingredients found in your pantry can save your health and your wallet. Switching from harsh laundry detergent to a milder natural alternative can add years to your favorite clothes. Don’t forget about your diet too. Eliminating artificial colors and flavors can increase longevity and decrease the chance for wrinkles and other problems. Cleanse yourself from the chemicals we’re so used to and get your body on the right track!