Besides talent and manners, most tattoo parlors can attest that cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a clear environment and keeping a shop open. Sterilizing equipment used to be a project and a half. With it being one of the most necessary aspects of a business however, making sure that it was always done in a tip top fashion has always been a major goal of any good piercer or tattoo parlor. Surly you’ve all by now seen the light and invested in a sound autoclave? Wait, this isn’t a term you’re familiar with? Perhaps we should take a better look on what exactly an autoclave is, how a tattoo autoclave can enhance your business and what autoclave repair is like. Since these things could potentially become vital to your business it is best to be in the know.

What IS an autoclave?

An autoclave is a heated container that uses industrial pressure to clean and sanitize items from a tattoo parlor and piercing shop. The steam inside of these autoclaves can become around 270 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will kill almost all contaminates. Meaning that your work items will be pressurized and ready for their next bout of uses in no time. Considering that there are 21,000 tattoo parlors within the United States, don’t you want to make sure that yours is the one with the cleanest tools? Your art skills are not the only thing of importance within this industry. The best artist can have clients about face and head for the door if they see a poorly maintained parlor. A tattoo autoclave will keep your tools in perfect shape for all of your customers.

How can this autoclave progress your business?

Studies show that about 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo on their bodies. There is heavy doubt that a single one of them did not check out their tattoo parlors to be sure that where their tattoo was coming from wasn’t a safe and careful shop first. Any pathogens that have to do with the blood can live on unclean objects for a full week! These objects must be both cleaned and sanitized between every use. Your new clients have or will probably ask questions about all of this. Is it not better to be able to answer it all truthfully and explain exactly how your equipment is cleaned?

Autoclave repair services

Just like anything else, tattoo autoclave repair does need to happen here and there. Considering what these machines are doing, it is best to preform a spore test on these things every week, just to make sure the condition is safe for your clients. If something is not right, there are autoclave service companies that will be able to fix up your machine and get you back to work in no time. How nice is it to know that there is even hope for a refurbished autoclave?

Now that you know how beneficial these machines are to you and your business, is it not time to go and look at what models you need to better enhance your work? Start cleaning your products better and leaving a mark on the tattoo industry knowing that you’re all up to CDC code and you can take on anything a client puts in front of you. An autoclave is just the thing that you’ve been waiting for with your line of business and all you have to do is pick it up and get right to work putting it to good use. Happy tattooing, enjoy all of those creative juices that can now continue to flow.