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Jennifer Lawrence’s hair is making headlines again. The media published countless articles and pictures when the Oscar winner and Hunger Games star first debuted her stylish pixie cut in 2013. Magazines are talking about Lawrence’s hair again — this time, noting its progress as the acclaimed actress slowly grows it out. What are some of the best tricks for transitioning from short to medium length hairstyles? What are the best ways to maintain long hairstyles? Top hair salons weigh in.

Jennifer Lawrence Shows Us How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

“The last time we saw Jennifer on a red carpet, her hair was grown out from the earlier pixie, but it was still pretty short. It has since grown even more — as hair is wont to do — and is now a chin-length bob. It’s even long enough to pin up!” MTV writes. The music authority adds that Lawrence’s pixie cut looks different at each event. This variation, professional stylists add, may be the key to subtly and gracefully growing out a pixie cut. Choose flattering styles and quality hair care products specifically for each stage of the process. Remember, it is not a good time for a one-size-fits-all mindset.

Maintaining Healthy Medium to Long Length Hair

Medium and long length hairstyles require careful maintenance, too. It is common knowledge that medium and long haircuts require the occasional trim. Before scoping out hair salon prices, know what to expect and how to best convey your wishes to a stylist. For example, instead of saying that you would about three inches trimmed off, show hair dressers your desired length with your fingers. This will eliminate any confusion about cutting hair when dry vs. wet, etc. Why are trims necessary? “Every eight to 12 weeks, ask your stylist to take off the minimum necessary to eliminate split end. Getting rid of split ends reduces hair breakage, and breakage is what makes hair look thinner at the ends (and shorter),” explains.

Maintain sleek, shiny, and healthy-looking hair at all lengths. Remember to research hair salon prices, and style each stage of a pixie cut carefully and purposefully. Maintain longer hairstyles with regular cuts to prevent breakage and split ends. More information like this.