Cheap e cig juice

There are plenty of people who pressure smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes as their new source of nicotine. E cig liquid reviews as well as the general public mention all sorts of factors that sound convincing, but it can become a bit overwhelming. Here are three simple and easy reasons why you should consider making the switch:

1. They Have a Greater Variety of Tastes

There are many flavors available for typical cigarettes. Despite the variety, at most stores you will only ever find menthol or the classic flavor. A quick perusal of the best e cig liquid reviews will show that there are dozens of e cig juice flavors such as watermelon, pink bubble gum, and Java. Sometimes variety is a valuable thing!

2. They Are More Convenient to Use

One of the downsides of traditional cigarettes is the cost associated with it. With electronic cigarettes, however, you can just refill the cigarette with new cartridges rather than buy new cigarettes each and every time you need to smoke. On top of that, you can also save on matches and lights. It’s just basic economic sense that electronic cigarettes have the edge here!

3. There Are a Plethora of Health Benefits!

Finally, there are the health benefits that everyone totes around. The vapors in electronic cigarettes are not carcinogenic like traditional cigarettes, but contain a variable concentration of nicotine to allow you to pick your poison, as it were, and wean yourself from dependency on the things. You save your health just by smoking them and work towards stopping smoking all together. What do you think of e cigs?