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If you are a woman going through menopause, you are likely experiencing a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms as a result of the hormonal changes going on in your body.

But what if there was a safe, natural way to help alleviate the effects of your menopause and let you live a life without hot flashes, mood swings and more? Bioidentical hormone creams are naturally-derived sources of progesterone that can help men and women achieve hormonal balance. In fact, there is a great number of bioidentical hormone benefits even for people not going through menopause.

Here are the top three ways using bioidentical hormone cream can benefit you:

1. Restore premenopausal hormone levels: Most symptoms of menopause result from a decrease in the amount of progesterone normally produced by the body during ovulation; when ovulation stops, so does the amount of progesterone present to combat the body’s levels of estrogen. This excess of estrogen is what causes common symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, poor sleep, mood swings, hair loss and an overall decline in health. With bioidentical hormone cream containing progesterone, these symptoms are alleviated and often eliminated completely.

2. Relief from premenstrual syndrome (PMS): For women who aren’t menopausal, the cramps, irritability, bloating and water retention of PMS can be a significant source of discomfort. Bioidentical hormones for women that contain progesterone can help reduce the effects of PMS.

3. Help with depression: FDA approved bioidentical hormones can help reduce the severity of clinical depression, because progesterone is a natural anti-depressant. While bioidentical hormone creams shouldn’t be used in place of prescribed anti-depressant medications, supplementing your medications with them can help you feel less depressed.

While there are a number of benefits from using a bioidentical hormone cream, there are also some health risks involved. Before using bioidentical hormone creams, you should consult with bioidentical hormones doctors who can determine if this treatment is right for you. Get more on this here.