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Liposuction. It’s one of those “Hollywood” body modification procedures, like plastic surgery. Liposuction thighs, liposuction bellies, liposuction everything – the celebs do it all to make themselves even more beautiful.

However, it’s not just a silly aesthetic thing. If you’ve been wanting to lose weight in certain troublesome areas, it might just be the fix for you.

Medical Weight Loss?
Lipoplasty , more commonly known as liposuction, is a form of medical weight loss. By removing excess fat deposits, it slims and reshapes the body. It seems like it might be an unrealistic “quick-fix” solution for people with a high body mass index (BMI). It is not an obesity treatment, nor is it a substitute for exercise and healthy eating. Liposuction is best for people who are active and healthy, but still have stubborn, lingering areas of fat.

How it Works: The Laser Liposuction Procedure

1. Anesthesia
Anesthesia is administered to the patient. This can be general, regional, or local anesthesia. The doctor will recommend the best method for you, meaning that you might be able to have liposuction without surgery.

2. Incisions
Incisions are made at the points where you wish to remove unwanted fat. Then, a cannula (thin, hollow tube) is inserted into these incisions.

3. Suction
The cannula is moved back and forth in a controlled motion in order to dislodge and loosen the excess fat. Lasers are also used to facilitate the fat removal by heating the fat into a liquid state. The fat is then vacuumed out of the body via either an attached syringe or a surgical vacuum.

What Can I Liposuction?
There are several areas on the body where liposuction can be done, including the face, neck, chin, arms, and buttocks, but people most commonly liposuction thighs, abdomen, and the breasts. These areas tend to be the most problematic places, but this is why liposuction is popular – because plastic surgeons can target these areas and efficiently remove fat.

How Much is Laser Liposuction?
The cost of liposuction varies from body part to body part. For example, if you choose to liposuction thighs, it may cost more than stomach liposuction. However, the price generally falls within a range of $2000 to $3000 per body part. The investment is worth it, though, because once the fat is removed, it generally stays off for good.

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