Urinary bladder infection

Whether you are suffering from asthma anxiety or you are one of the 25,000 Americans who sprain an ankle daily, a quick check up at the upmc urgent care may be just what you need. While your parents and grandparents may have thought the only way to receive quality healthcare was a trip to your family physician or the local hospital emergency room, the staff at upmc urgent care are part of the 20,000 physicians who practice urgent care medicine in the U.S.

Since more than 66% of the urgent cares clinics in the country open before 9:00 am during the work week, they provide more available office hours than a family physician and charge a fraction of the cost of visiting a hospital emergency room.

Urgent care locations near you are practiced in treating a variety of symptoms and conditions, including: wheezing, swimmer’s ear, strep throat, and urinary tract and bladder infections.

Today’s patients lead an active life style and nearly 12 million people, ages 5 to 22, suffer a sports related injury a year. Worse yet, these injuries lead to 20 million lost days of school. Rather than wait for your family doctor’s office to open or wait to see if they injury merits a trip to the emergency room, you can visit top doctors at upmc urgent care. Sports related injuries cost 33 million dollars in health care costs a year. An urgent care clinic can help you pay a smaller portion of those incredible costs.

Staph infections, abdominal pain, flu/influenza and dizziness are all scary conditions, especially if they occur in the middle of the night and you have to wait until 9:00 am or later to even call for an appointment. Decrease your anxiety and possibly your costs by checking your area for the nearest walk in clinic. You will find doctors who are qualified to treat and diagnose your symptoms, as well as recommend continuing treatment like necessary physical therapy programs. Parents of young children are especially likely to realize the benefits and cost savings of a pediatric urgent care over a pediatric emergency room.

So the next time you find yourself dealing with the symptoms dehydration, pneumonia, or even lacerations rest assured that you will find qualified local doctors at upmc urgent care.