This week has been a challenge. After a late evening walk a few nights ago your hips were hurting. By the time you went to bed, however, the pain had moved from your hips to your lower back. By morning, after a fairly sleepless night, your back hurt so much that you could hardly stand up, and you definitely could not bend over to pick any thing up.

After struggling through the morning you called the massage therapist who you have visited a few times and were able to get an appointment. After an examination and a conversation, the therapist decided to give you a therapeutic massage to relief the pain. If the pain continued, the massage therapist suggested that you return later in the week for a deep tissue massage. She was hopeful, however, that this less expensive treatment would take care of the problem.

Sports Massage Therapy and Other Services Can Help Provide Pain Relief

From professional trigger point massages to deep tissue massages, there are many kinds of treatments available that can help you get back to living a pain free life. And while some muscle tightness or injuries can require repeat massages to stay comfortable, there are also some types of pain that can be eliminated with just one massage.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the massage industry and how it helps patients deal with pain, as well as the other services that some salons offer:

  • More than 54 million American adults had discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers in the previous year, according to a study conducted in July of 2014.
  • 23% of massage consumers had a massage for relaxation or stress reduction between July 2013 and July 2014.
  • Depending on the type of massage and how much time you have, a massage session may last from 15 to 90 minutes./li>
  • 92% of people surveyed agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain.
  • An average of 15% of adult Americans received at least one massage between July 2013 and July 2014, according to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) 2014 consumer survey.

Whether you are trying to recover from a sports injury or you are dealing with unexpected, but severe, back pain, there are many services that a massage therapist can offer that can help you get back to feeling your best.