Characterized by a dull ache or sharp sensation, back pain may hamper your mobility and affect your quality of life. It is wise to schedule a chiropractor appointment to get a complete diagnosis of your exact condition.
The chiropractor should take you through various tests such as reflex, motion, and posture analysis. Sometimes, your body may suffer from other illnesses such as back pain and leg spasms. These assessments will guide the expert to get to the root of the problem.

Spinal stenosis, inflammatory disorders, pregnancy, trauma, infection, and nerve root compression, among others are part of the chronic back pain differential diagnosis. They all require a unique approach to treatment.
Most upper and lower back pain results from a pulled back muscle. The best way to treat back muscle strain is to stretch, apply cold or heat, take pain medication, get a massage or challenge yourself to some strength exercises.
Straining your muscles or pinching a nerve while doing strenuous or repetitive activities such as sport could sum up some causes of severe lower back and hip pain. Other more serious indicators are such as arthritis or herniated disks.

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Lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints in America — more than 26 million Americans suffer from back pain each year. There are also unpleasant side effects of lower back pain which can drastically affect a person’s quality of life. Preventing lower back pain before it starts is important to avoid suffering with it and having to resort to expensive treatment options. Here are three common causes of back pain and how to prevent them.

1. Poor Office Ergonomics.
One of the most common causes of lower back pain these days is poor office ergonomics. More and more Americans have adopted sedentary jobs that require them to spend many hours a week sitting in front of a computer and performing repetitive tasks like typing. People who find themselves spending a lot of time sitting in an office chairs should make sure that they get up, stretch, and move around every few hours. Additionally, equipping an office space with ergonomic accessories like a foot rest, a standing desk, or a lumbar pillow for the lower back will be helpful.

2. Not Lifting Heavy Items Safely.
Another one of the most common causes of lower back pain is not lifting heavy items properly. When picking up a heavy item, the knees should be bent and the person should be in a squatting position. When lifting the item, the legs should do the work, not the back. Additionally, when carrying a heavy item the upper body should never twist, the whole body should be turned to avoid causing damage to the back.

3. Bad General Posture.
Another source of back pain for many Americans is having poor posture in general. People affected by lower back pain sometimes also do not practice good posture — standing or sitting. The spine should be relatively straight but still maintain its natural curve, feet should be shoulder-width apart, and the neck should be straight.

Do you have any tips for preventing lower back pain? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments. To see more, read this.