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Research tells us that massage is a great way to soothe sore muscles after a challenging workout, especially when it comes to reducing inflammation, which aids in your overall recovery.
The health benefits of human touch, however, extend well beyond the realm of easing aches and pains. Stress-mongers have sung the praises of full body massage forever, but many of us equate that with their clenched condition. Accupressure treatment, foot massage, and various sorts of Asian bodywork are rising in popularity. You might be surprised, however, to discover that routinely getting just a regular, full body massage is as beneficial as research now indicates. Here’s a list of eight noteworthy benefits:

  • Anxiety and Depression Management
    Massage is thought to be relaxing in part because it’s known to reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. The result is a potential reduction in blood pressure, and a boost in the neuro-transmission of serotonin and dopamine, which help regulate mood.

  • Ease of Chronic Pain
    Approximately eight out of 10 people experience severe back pain in their lives, but massage is a definite aid in many cases. In fact, the benefits of massage with regard to back pain are about as effective as the other standard treatments — medications, yoga, exercise and acupuncture.

  • Promote Sleep Quality
    Massage has an impact on what are called “delta waves,” which are the very same brainwaves connected to the deepest level of sleep, which might explain why so many people temporarily fall asleep while on the massage table.

  • Immuno-Strenth
    Although research is ongoing, there is evidence to suggest that massages can, over time, increase the effectiveness of one’s immune system by elevating the level of disease-fighting white blood cells present in the body. Naturally, the reduction in stress also keeps you healthier.

  • Potential for PMS Sufferers
    Monthly visitor got you down? Again, research is ongoing, but there is evidence to suggest that a timely massage can remedy annoying PMS side effects like modd swings and bloating.

  • Promote Alertness
    Massage might even be able to help you boost brainpower and give you a mental edge: studies have shown that the restful benefits of a massage can help you think better on your feet.

  • Headaches Be-Gone
    Much the same way it can relieve back and muscle pain, individuals that suffer with chronic headaches can also greatly benefit from regular rubdowns. Additionally, regular full body massage can reduce the intensity of ongoing headaches as well as curb the stress, anger and anxiety potentially at the root of them.

  • Facelift
    By increasing the flow of blood, massage can help keep areas of sagging skin looking fuller and healthier.
    Modern doctors are very ready to prescribe antidepressants and potentially addicting anti-anxiety medications, but before trying a prescription, see if a full body massage isn’t helpful in remedying what ails you.
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