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One of the most hotly debated controversies regarding pediatric care is whether or not to vaccinate. Some parents choose not to, and some believe that vaccinating children can lead to autism or other behavioral disorders. Other parents choose to follow the advice of their pediatric physicians and vaccinate. Here are three of the main reasons that they do and children should be vaccinated.

Children Rarely Suffer Serious Side Effects
One of the reasons that people choose not to get their children vaccinated at pediatric medical centers is out of fear of adverse effects from them. There are some side effects of vaccinations, like soreness or redness at the injection site, but serious complications from vaccines are very rare. Only one in one million children suffer serious side effects from receiving a vaccine.

Vaccinations Protect Against Disease
One of the most obvious reasons that people choose to take their children to pediatric offices for vaccinations is that they prevent disease. According to Unicef, a single vaccine can prevent up to five different diseases. Vaccines are the reason that diseases like polio, whooping cough, and certain strains of hepatitis are not rampant anymore.

Vaccinations Also Helps Diseases From Spreading
Because vaccinations help prevent children from contracting diseases, they also help prevent the spread of them. If one child goes unvaccinated, he or she could go on to infect other children who are not vaccinated, and a disease could spread very quickly.

According to Unicef, one child dies of a vaccine preventable disease every 20 seconds. Finding a pediatrician who can administer vaccines is essential for the health of any child and for the health of other children. Parents should find pediatric medical centers near them where their children can receive the recommended shots for their age group, especially before the children start attending school.
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