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As a family member, you always need to ensure that people in your family enjoy the best of health and quality of life possible. Staying healthy is one of the most important urges in human life, and many families spend a lot of time, resources and money ensuring that they remain healthy, maintain healthy living habits, stay fit and enjoy the pleasant, rewarding quality of life that generally come with good health. Unfortunately, all of us have to deal with health problems, issues and diseases from time to time. From minor niggles that resolve easily to major problems like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, diseases are a part of life that cannot be ignored. To ensure that everyone in the family remains healthy at all times, you need to find a place where you can get the best medical expertise you possibly can in your area, both for regular, preventive checkups and as an emergency response when something goes wrong.

Things do not get much easier here, as there are choices to be made. The most popular options as far as health related issues are concerned, be it a scheduled, routine checkup or an emergency situation that needs immediate attention, there are two alternatives that you can resort to — urgent care clinics and emergency rooms. Big, bustling emergency rooms are usually part of hospitals, and are equipped with all the amenities, people and machinery to be ready for emergency health scenarios which require immediate intervention. Urgent care centers, on the other hand, do not cater to medical emergencies but rather routine care and urgent care, and are smaller establishments with fewer people involved.

How do you choose between where to go when you require emergency healthcare services? This is the one question that is difficult to answer, especially if you have someone in your family fall sick and need an urgent solution. Choosing between urgent care clinics and hospitals that provide emergency services involves a lot of thought, many different considerations and might depend on a case-by-case basis. For one, medical emergencies can only be treated at ER facilities, and there is no matter of choice. However, for regular checkups, or for conditions that need urgent care and cannot be classified as emergencies, the choice becomes a lot harder.

ER facilities providing emergency healthcare services are usually associated with long wait times, are frequently divided into different departments, which means queueing up at each place you need to go, and slightly more expensive medical care as they need to maintain the infrastructure to handle emergencies. Urgent care centers, being smaller operations, are less expensive, provide quicker treatment in general and people coming in have everything at one location with no need to queue up anywhere. Again, the question about where you should go for your medical needs seems to loom large.

There is, however, an option that takes this difficult matter of choosing which kind of facility you need for your specific medical scenario, and makes things a lot easier by offering you everything under one roof. These are essentially hybrid clinics, where you can find a combination of the functionalities of urgent care clinics and ER facilities offering emergency healthcare services. By removing the need to choose between two very similar yet intrinsically different kinds of medical care centers, these kinds of facilities can help you achieve the peace of mind that you need, while cutting down on the time you would have needed to make that choice. You can now employ the time getting actual medical care instead.

Combining high level emergency healthcare services and the best in urgent care services does indeed seem to be a great idea, and at present, many clinics in the country are opening up with this new concept. It is safe to say that, with all possible scenarios covered and no more need to choose, you will just have to identify one such clinic in your area to cover all your medical needs. This is a great way to ensure that you and your family members remain in the pink of health at all times.