Emf radiation

The digital age means more and faster communication and technological innovations. It also means more radiation, which can be extremely harmful to both physical and mental health. The dangers of everyday objects and structures that we take for granted could be the source of much of our collective malaise, but the companies who produce these devices and the world economy which is increasingly reliant on them do not want to compromise their businesses success by publicizing these risks. Know your own devices, the risks they pose, and how to protect yourself with EMF blocking devices and EMF shielding fabric.

Cell Phones
We keep them by our beds while we sleep, in our pockets or on our desks all day long, and we’re pretty constantly poring into their depths. Cell phones have become a fact of everyday life, but they could be seriously compromising your health. It was found that children with mothers who used cell phones during pregnancy had on average 25% more emotional problems, 35% more hyperactivity, 49% more conduct problems, and 34% more peer problems. When you consider that wireless phones emit radiation 24 hours a day, regardless of whether or not you are using them, its no wonder that they have been the culprits for headaches, irritability and neurological problems for years.

Cell Phone Towers
You may not be aware of it, but you are effectively using nearby cell phone towers every time you use your mobile phone. As cell phone towers are increasingly spread throughout communities, children can be subject to 1,000 times higher amounts of radiation than they were 20 or 25 years ago. It’s hard to protect children from huge, looming structures that you can’t easily remove, but assessing your home choice for nearby cell towers is a wise choice when moving with children.

How to Protect Yourself
EMF blockers use a bioelectric shield to protect against the harmful radio frequencies and radiation that our bodies are constantly assaulted with. Look into fashionable EMF blocking jewelry, and EMF shielding fabric which can protect you with no one else knowing about it.

Don’t let the modern world get you down, and protect yourself and your family!
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