There’s nothing more appealing than a beautiful smile that shows off clean, white, straight teeth. Good oral health is imperative as potential problems can be prevented just by brushing daily and going for regular dental checks. To get straight teeth, you may need to undergo orthodontic treatment.

5 ways to take care of your teeth include brushing twice daily using fluoride toothpaste, flossing, eating a well-balanced diet including calcium-rich food, not smoking, and limiting acidic drinks as they can wear away enamel. You may also wonder ‘How can I protect my teeth’? Wear a mouthguard during impact sports, don’t grind your teeth, don’t overbrush your teeth, and only use your teeth to chew food, not for opening bottles or other items.

When does your mouth stop growing? The jaw bones stop growing towards the end of their teen years. By the age of around 12, all baby teeth should have fallen out.

Regular teeth check-ups shouldn’t be underestimated. The dentist can detect certain things of concern that you may not notice, such as cancer. They will also professionally clean your teeth, including scaling if necessary.

Book an appointment soon for a dental visit and be consistent with your routine check-ups.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Taking good care of your teeth can be a lot of work. Sometimes you need a professional to help you out.

When brushing and flossing still yields you a cavity or a tooth that could stand to be replaced outright, endodontics is your one-stop shop for all things teeth. Dental implant services are more widespread than ever thanks to increasing awareness about pricing, meaning that shiny new smile is much closer than you think. You can even check out cosmetic dentistry to give yourself a full makeover. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that gum sensitivity goes away, let your local dentist office give you a thorough treatment so you can smile confidently year-round.

Here are a few things you can take advantage of in 2018 to bring out your very best.

Quick Cavity Filling

Feeling some sensitivity on the right side of your mouth? How about some aching and throbbing that won’t seem to go away? A lot of Americans today are living with multiple cavities as we know it, making this an issue that should be high up on your endodontics to-do list. Cavities are easy to prevent with thorough, regular flossing and brushing, but sometimes one just sneaks in no matter what you do. Let your local dentist patch those out alongside a teeth cleaning session to get you back up to speed.

Cheap Invisalign Treatment

Perhaps you have crooked teeth and you want nothing more than a straight, even smile. The common stereotype on braces is that they’re clunky, unsightly and incredibly hard to deal with. Not so with more modern models. Invisalign is a brand many turn to when they want to sort out their uneven teeth while still smiling and chatting easily in polite company. A recent survey found over 95% of adults believing an attractive smile makes a person more appealing.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Perhaps cosmetic dental veneers are closer to what you have in mind. For those that have straight teeth, but have recently lost a few due to age or outside forces, dental implant services can fill in the gap. Over three million people in the country have implants and that number is growing by a staggering 500,000 per year. According to a recent AACD survey nearly all adults believed a healthy smile to be socially important. Whether it’s brand new teeth or a little polish, endodontics will treat you right.

Teeth Whitening Services

You’ve gotten your wisdom teeth removed recently. You don’t need dental veneers and you also don’t need implants. Perhaps a little teeth whitening is in order. Yellow and brown stains can put a real damper on a person’s confidence, causing them to cover their mouth in photos and even avoid smiling altogether. Over-the-counter products barely scratch the surface when it comes to bringing out your smile’s hidden beauty, so turn to cosmetic smile designs to patch away those spots for good.

General Teeth Cleaning

No matter what you’re looking for, teeth cleaning is a basic everyone can appreciate. While daily brushing and flossing is a necessity, routine teeth cleaning will catch the bacteria and plaque that slips through the cracks and ensure you never have to worry about developing a surprise cavity or gum disease. The average dentist will likely recommend you get teeth cleaning done every year, though more extreme cases may net a twice yearly visitation. Not only can you enjoy a happier, cleaner mouth, you can also talk with your dentist about teeth whitening services or a possible veneer.

Brushing, flossing, rinsing…it’s all in a day’s work. Let a dentist lend you a helping hand.