Cancer proton therapy louisville ky

Cancer is a bit mysterious at times but the good news is that we are always making advancements in how to treat and deal with it. One version of radiation that is gaining in popularity is proton therapy for head and neck cancer.

Proton therapy is a type of radiation that is less destructive than other types. It has the ability to stop when it gets past the tumor it is attacking so that it does not harm other tissue in the body. This is less difficult for the patient on a lot of levels and makes the concept of radiation much less invasive. With Proton therapy there is almost no risk of getting radiation to the heart and a much lower risk of getting it to the lungs.

The treatment of proton therapy is the of the best non-invasive cancer treatments that there is. It’s often used for prostate cancer treatment since this a particularly sensitive area. With traditional tumor management treatment, many men do not return to the full function of their sex organs. However, with proton therapy, up to 94 percent of men report that they are able to continue normal sexual activity. That is quite high.

It is often suggested to use proton therapy for head and neck cancer as well, since that area is so close to the heart and lungs. The less damage you can do to the surrounding areas of the body, the easier the experience is and the better chance that the health will be good in the long run. The rates are quite low with reoccurrence rates after using proton therapy, which of course is crucial. It means that the treatment actually works and that it can be trusted as a great way to deal with prostate cancer or many other types of cancer. Some people think that it can be used as a breast cancer cure.

Cancer treatment therapy can be a complicated process since it is a bit different for every person. But rest assured that there are always new and improved ways coming out that allow for safer and healthier way to treat even the most difficult cancers. There are no guarantees, but there are certainly ways to be the most poractive you can possibly be.