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Millions of people suffer from acute pain, but it is estimated that nearly one in four people suffer from chronic pain. The difference between the two is that chronic pain lasts longer than 24 hours, usually for weeks but for some patients it may last for years. Chronic pain requires a pain management specialist, because dealing with chronic pain is actually a specialized field in the medical community. If untreated, chronic pain has led to many people desperately seeking relief through drugs and alcohol.

A Pain Management Specialist Might Be Your Best Bet For Finding Relief.

Chronic pain syndrome can be tricky. The most common areas in the body are the jaw, head, back, knees, feet, and other joints. The dull ache of pain over time can lead to other complications. It is not uncommon for patients to develop psychological side effects from the strain such as depression and anxiety. Other complications can include fatigue, frequent headaches, and sleep deprivation. Dealing with these symptoms alone can case people to seek out methods for self-medication, often with devastating consequences.

Self-Medicating To Handle Chronic Pain Is Not Trial and Error.

The problem with self-medicating with alcohol and drugs is that it doesn’t fix anything. It becomes a behavior that creates new problems that will operate in tandem with the chronic pain that hasn’t gone anywhere. While dealing with the pain under a pain management specialist is a type of trial and error in terms of finding relief, doing the process alone is not recommended.

A pain management specialist will not just recommend pills to relieve pain. In fact, the specialist will have access to a wide variety of treatments. These treatment options have the goal of stopping the pain without causing new problems.

What Are Some Treatment Options For Chronic Pain Management?

A pain management doctor can recommend treatments ranging from therapeutic to medicinal. The purpose is to discover what your body responds to best. For example, chronic lower back pain might be helped with the regular application of acupuncture, but that may not be the solution for head pain. The doctor will try out new practices for the patient to find the best long-term solution for managing the pain.

Good communication and trust is necessary when working with a specialist. By its very definition, chronic pain will effect a person’s life for a while. This is not a problem that is wrapped up in one visit, or even two. Trusting that the doctor will help find the best pain relief method is vital, not just for the physical body but for the mental and emotional states of the patient as well.

The Role Addiction Has Come to Play In Dealing With Chronic Pain.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are never pleasant to experience. It is tragic that many patients turn to these substances to find relief, and instead create new problems. Many addicts started out needing a legitimate prescription for their pain. In fact, it has been found that four out of five new heroin users turned to heroin after misusing their prescription painkiller drugs.

Even after the addiction is addressed, there is still the clear presence of the chronic pain. Without outside intervention, it is likely that the patient will relapse to their old methods of pain management. This is why it is vital for chronic pain suffers to find a pain management specialist they can trust.

The problem of chronic pain is not just physical. It takes a mental and emotional toll as well. Patients who find themselves with this syndrome must take steps early on to address the pain in a way that is healthy and sustainable. There is no need to lose hope, nor to suffer alone.