Urgent care puyallup south hill

Your medical care takes on many forms. Sometimes you have no choice but to stop by the emergency room when you’re in a bind. Other times you can wait a week or two to meet up with your family doctor.

When you’re caught in-between…a walk in urgent care center can do wonders to save you money and stress. Not all illnesses and injuries are so easily categorized, after all, and a convenient medical care center is absolutely essential to make sure everyone is good to go no matter what. What does this mean? It can be getting a cut stitched up early in the morning when you’ve cut yourself making breakfast or receiving care for a sprain once you’re off work. If you want to make 2018 your healthiest year yet, learning about the convenience of a walk in urgent care center will give you much needed peace-of-mind.

Here are five simple things you need to know about urgent health care.

It Has Shorter Waiting Times

What’s the first thing you should know about a walk in urgent care center? Its convenient and short waiting times. An estimated three million patients will visit urgent care centers week in and week out. This form of medical care can’t do a very good job if it puts people in the position of waiting and waiting to receive attention. A recent study found the majority of urgent care centers will have patients waiting 15 to 20 minutes on average.

It Can Offer Preventative Care

It’s not enough to go to the hospital when you’re hurt or sick. You also need preventative care to look after you on a consistent basis. Every year Americans will come down with a collective one billion colds. Another 20% will also come down with the flu in that same amount of time. A convenient health care program means offering you seasonal flu shots, regular access to pain medication and basic check-ups to make sure you’re always good to go.

It’s Less Expensive In General

A major appeal of a multicare urgent care center is its pricing. While some trips to the emergency room cannot be avoided (indeed, you should always know the difference if you want to stay healthy), a recent study found Americans regularly muddy these two events. It’s thought as many as one-third of all emergency room visits could have instead been treated at an urgent care center. How much of a difference does this make? This can mean a bill of a $150 and a bill of over $500.

It Can Treat A Wide Variety Of Issues

Your walk in urgent care center can address quite a few problems. Poison ivy and poison oak can be found in nearly every state, save for Alaska and Hawaii, and over 80% of Americans are allergic. Urinary tract infections account for nearly eight million visits to doctors every year and it’s thought over 25,000 American adults and children will suffer an ankle sprain every day. From burns to broken bones to conditions requiring quick medicine, your multicare will provide fast, attentive medical treatment every single time.

It Should Be Used To Supplement Your General Care

Today’s healthcare can seem troubling. You have your insurance premiums to keep up with, changing state laws and your own unique health issues to juggle all at once. A walk in urgent care center is a useful nearby location that can provide a middleground between a healthy day and a sick day. You can receive preventative care, fast care for any number of minor to moderate issues or be referred to a physician. Alongside your regular doctor and emergency room, your health has never been in a better spot to thrive.

Look around in your area for an urgent care clinic with a schedule that suits you. Your healthcare is always in flux, after all, and you should have a sturdy boat to keep you afloat.