Tms beverly hills

Have you been dealing with clinical signs of depression, but prescription medications have proven ineffective in your case? If so, you may want to consider an anxiety treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, or TMS therapy.

But what is TMS therapy exactly? It is a non-surgical treatment that does not require an overnight hospital stay. A coil that produces a magnetic field is placed on the patient’s above the area of the brain known as the left prefrontal cortex.This field helps in the stimulation of neurons in the brain that are linked to the improvement of mood. This treatment is not dangerous, and does not cause drowsiness, an increase in weight, or a drop in sexual performance, like some medications prescribed for depression do.

This treatment is meant to be used when other treatments fail, and only in cases in which the depression is acute. You may want to ask your primary physician about this treatment to find out more. If you have additional questions or comments related to the additional question “What is TMS therapy?” feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the section below.